Climate Analogues

Climate data

Data provided for the online tool includes monthly precipitation and mean temperature data, as well as 19 bioclimatic variables that describe in detail the seasonality, extremes and climate averages at sites.

The online tool provides data for current conditions as well as the 2030s (2020-2049) time period for 24 Global Climate Models (GCMs) and an ensemble (average value of all the GCMs) under emissions scenario A1B, A2 an B1. This time period was selected as it allows sufficient time for significant climatic changes to be realized while also remaining a relevant timescale for current planning and adaptation measures. An ensemble option is available that utilizes the average value of all GCMs.

More information on different emissions scenarios can be found in the IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios and more information on GCMs may be found here.

Both baseline and future climate information on the online tool has been statistically downscaled to provide high resolution (approx. 1 km) climate surfaces that capture fine-scale variations, such as affected by altitude, that are not represented at the coarse (100-300 km) scale of GCMs.


More detailed analyses can be performed using the desktop Analogues R packagewith greater distances into the future and/or under different emissions scenarios using climatic and bioclimatic data from the CCAFS climate change downscaled data portal. Users are also free to provide their own data which is not limited to climatic or bioclimatic information but could also include soil and socio-economic data, or any other variables the user may deem pertinent.